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SiS Auto Szymanski and Smykacz operates according to the guidelines of GVO Directive of 31 July 2002 and the resolutions of Commission Regulation No 461/2010 of 27 May 2010. On the basis of new legal regulations, all dealers that comply with the particular quality requirements are entitled to sell and service vehicles of different makes, and not – as was the case in the past – only those that were bound by dealer contract. From 1 November 2004 dealers can also use original parts from independent sources or substitute parts of comparable quality. The aim of the new Commission Regulation of 27 May 2010 is to enhance competition on motorization market, facilitate access to technical information and combat anti-competitive practices.
        Thanks to the changes resulting from the above mentioned regulations, it is the Client who can choose the company in which they want to have their car serviced. SiS Auto fulfills quality requirements on the same level as authorized service stations of Toyota and Lexus, for this reason Clients who have warranty and post-warranty service or any other paid service done at our Company keep the manufacturer’s warranty. Moreover, the prices of our services are up to 50% lower due to the fact that we do not incur franchise costs. We also have access to substitute parts and accessories of reputable manufacturers, but because these products are not branded under a trademark, their price is up to 40% lower than at authorized service stations.


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The quality of our service is guaranteed by ISO Certificate.

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