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We operate according to EU standards and GVO Directive of 31 July 2002 as well as the new Commission Regulation No 461/2010 of 27 May 2010. With regard to the Directive resolutions and the Regulation issued before the Directive’s expiry, we offer original parts at a price up to 30% lower than at authorized service stations of Toyota and Lexus, and certified substitute parts at very attractive prices. Our offer includes 2850 catalog items together with car accessories for TOYOTA and LEXUS.
            We run warranty and post-warranty service of Toyota and Lexus cars. We have complete diagnostic equipment at our disposal for all models of the makes we service.
We conduct computer diagnostics with the state-of-the-art equipment – Intelligent Tester Toyota II & Lexus. We treat each Client individually and make sure that all tasks we have been  assigned to are performed competently, reliably and professionally. Below there is a list of the  most common maintenance services:
  • Warranty and post-warranty service
  • Vehicle check-up (once a year or every 15000 km)
  •  Pre-purchase vehicle check-up
  • Accident repair (mechanical damages, auto body repair, painting, varnishing)
  •  Claim management (OC and AC)
  • Regeneration and repair of vehicle components
  •  Disc lathe
  • Computer diagnostics
  • Air-conditioning maintenance
  • Wheel geometry
  • Tire service (mounting, balancing, storing)
  • Installation of car safety systems (alarms, gearbox locks, etc.)
  •  DOOR-TO-DOOR service
  • Fleet service.
Did you know?
                         After every maintenance service we wash and clean our  Client’s car.
     We also offer hand car wash vouchers at the price of 50PLN net! The voucher entitles the user to 5 washing and cleaning services with a very attractive discount. Every service includes bodywork wash, interior cleaning and vacuuming. Additionally, we perform auto detailing – thorough cleaning of a car both inside and outside – or selected elements of detailing, e.g. car upholstery cleaning or paint polishing. For more information see News and Promotions.
NEW!!!                      Pre-purchase vehicle check-up
            This is a perfect offer for Clients who have found the right car and are thinking of buying it, but wish to make sure beforehand that their dream vehicle is in as good condition as the seller claims it to be. We perform a diagnostic check-up of the car which our Client wants to buy in order to verify its condition and service record, as well as to make a list of possible maintenance services, if any, that will need to be done in the future. This service includes:
  • Complete mechanical check-up
  • Complete computer diagnostics, among others: ABS, SRS, TRC, VSC, CR (Common Rail Toyota, Lexus)
  •  Bodywork and paint inspection, including measuring the thickness of paint with a density gauge
  • Verification of vehicle history card, service maintenance book, registration card, and OC insurance
  • Advice on car purchase and negotiations with the seller.
Did you know? When performing the above mentioned operations, we are our Client “Advocate”, and on their behalf we negotiate the conditions of sale.  
SiS Auto – so safely, so reliably, so professionally.


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